Stop Playing the Race Card on Fired NFL Coaches

“It’s important to fight back against the idea that racism is to play any time you don’t like the result of something... There is no racial argument to be made to why these guys were fired.”

-- Clay Travis.

The diversity of NFL head coaches has always been an uncomfortably clandestine storyline that the league has had to acknowledge since the ratification of the Rooney Rule in 2003.

The rule, which was an affirmative action parameter needing to be met when interviewing minority coaching candidates, appeared to help, combined with the evolving culture progression of the era, as the number of minority head coaches would greatly jump.

Prior to 2003, there had only been seven minority head coaches in the history of the NFL, but 18 would later become head coaches in the 16 years to follow.

The topic was thrust to the forefront once again this past Monday, when four black head coaches lost their jobs, trimming down the total of black head coaches down to two (Mike Tomlin, Anthony Lynn).

Clay Travis realizes there’s a small number of minority head coaches in the league, but believes for all the reasons coaches lose their jobs, the color of their skin has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Travis says it’s the typical lazy journalism of the era that sees ‘WOKE’ writers bored at their computers trying to discover the newest outrage in the most malevolent forms, even to the point of pushing fictional narratives to help ignite them.

Clay says the NFL is one of the world’s most effective meritocracies, that is, a multi-billion dollar company that exists solely to showcase its most elite assets based on TALENT, not DIVERSITY. Clay points out there hasn't been a white cornerback starting in the NFL since Jason Seahorn nearly two decades ago, and says no media outlet would ever push a story begging for more diversity at the position.

Clay says there’s way too much money at stake for owners to be purposely spurning minority coaches, and says the deep well of minority coaching talent simply isn't there at this time.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay says we must stop pushing these fake storylines as real news.

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