How Can Philly Just Let Nick Foles Go If He Keeps Winning?

Nick Foles’ iconic run to Super Bowl LII MVP was one of the most legendary moments in NFL history for the unprecedented odds that it overcame as the down on his luck back-up QB elevated himself to a level we’ve never seen before.

But for all the magnificent memories Foles left with those 2018 Eagles, it was a moment that was SUPPOSED to be enshrined in the city of Philadelphia’s history as a priceless relic... Or so we thought.

Foles refused to go down in history as the sport’s most celebrated anomaly and is currently attempting another encore in 2019 that would be even more improbable than last season’s triumph over Tom Brady.

Listen to Clay Travis and Jason Martin debate what Philadelphia might be thinking at the moment, as the idea of Nick Foles possibly making another Super Bowl run has to make a lot of people in the Philadelphia organization believe that Foles, not Carson Wentz, is actually the treasured franchise quarterback that must remain for years to come.

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