Joel Klatt Puts Clay Travis in a Bodybag Over Schiano-UT Fallout

Lead Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt joined Clay Travis on Outkick The Coverage to talk Clemson’s epic evisceration of Alabama in the National Championship Game, but the discussion devolved into a rivalry even more bitter: Joel Klatt vs. Clay Travis in the topic of Greg Schiano.

Travis, a lifelong Tennessee Volunteers football fan, infamously used his rambunctious social media platform to try and throw an eleventh-hour monkey wrench into the hiring of Schiano at the University of Tennessee as the school was just minutes away from officially announcing Schiano as their next head coach.

A fiery anti-Schiano social media campaign would then ensue, with Travis teaming up with state representatives, notable alumni, and even gubernatorial candidates to try and paint the Schiano hiring in a terrible light because of his contentiously questionable connection to the Penn State child sex abuse scandal from a 2015 deposition with a former PSU assistant who claimed Schiano knew about Sandusky's heinous sexual assaults. Schiano has always firmly denied these claims, nor was never mentioned in The Freeh Report, the school's official investigation into the scandal, and was cleared of any wrongdoings in past employment vetting (including Tennessee's).

However, the school became so spooked from all the heat Schiano was taking on social media that the university decided to terminate the hiring, before distancing themselves from Schiano, and later hiring Alabama DC Jeremy Pruitt as their head coach.

With Clay recently taking pot shots at Schiano’s cratering career, now officially out as Ohio State’s defensive coordinator, Klatt continued his public barrage of firing back at Clay, believing Travis spear-head a social media smear campaign of Schiano that had a lot more to do with UT fans simply being livid they hadn’t landed top head-coaching candidates like Chip Kelly and John Gruden, and trying to do anything in their power to napalm Schiano’s hiring at Tennessee, even if it meant uprooting heavily unsubstantiated claims to burn the guy.

Listen to the full audio below as Joel comes out hot!

Joel Klatt Puts Clay Travis in a Bodybag Over Schiano-UT Fallout

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