Lincoln Riley Blocks Clay Travis on Twitter

“This is maybe the softest move I’ve ever seen and evidence Lincoln Riley might not be ready for primetime.”

-- Clay Travis.

Listen to Clay Travis blast Oklahoma Head Coach Lincoln Riley after the Sooners coach gave Clay an instant block on Twitter after Clay was vocal in his disapproval of Oklahoma’s initial blocking of backup OU quarterback Austin Kendall’s transfer request to West Virginia.

Kendall was eventually granted the transfer and given immediate eligibility with the Mountaineers for next season, but it was not after an entire day of viral condemnation on social media that Oklahoma finally allowed Kendall to leave.

Clay thought it was ironic that Oklahoma was attempting to deny Kendall the right to transfer, while the school was also heavily pursuing Alabama transfer quarterback Jalen Hurts. Clay mentioned how ridiculously absurd it was for a program to scrupulously exploit the NCAA’s new ‘transfer portal’ and shop for their NEW quarterback while trying to foil the future plans of their backup who was simply trying to find a program to start at.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay calls Riley a snowflake.

Lincoln Riley Blocks Clay Travis on Twitter