Sportswriter Says Steph Curry's Failed Dunk 'Silences WNBA Critics'


Listen to Clay Travis berate a sportswriter who recently wrote an article claiming that Steph Curry’s now-notorious blooper vs. the Lakers was proof that anti-WNBA sentiment is unwarranted.

During the play, Curry is running down the court to attempt an uncontested shot at the basket before he badly slips on a wet spot on the floor and tumbles down to the ground. He eventually gets the ball back during the play and airballs a corner three.

The author of the article says that there’s immense hypocrisy coming from NBA fans towards the WNBA, since Curry, who’s arguably the face of the league, is a non-dunker who doesn’t prime his game on physical dominance, which are the negative attributes NBA fans supposedly use to reduce WNBA players.

Listen to the full audio below as Clay says it’s quite tough to comprehend where the motive was to make this odd argument, and questions what in the world this author was thinking. 

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