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The Mainstream Media Owes Shawn Oakman an Apology

“You cannot believe a woman just because she’s a woman and you cannot believe a man just because he’s a man.... Anyone who is arguing such should be called out and ridiculed to the high heavens."

Listen to Clay Travis comment on the news of former Baylor superstar defensive end Shawn Oakman being found not guilty of sexual assault.

Oakman, considered a sure-fire first round pick and one of the most elite physical specimens in the country as a 6’9”, 280-pass rusher in 2015, had his NFL dream taken away from him when he was arrested and charged with sexual assault in April of 2016.

Oakman was quickly the poster boy of Baylor football’s prominent sexual assault scandal and had his name and reputation thoroughly destroyed as the scandal became front page news across all networks for many weeks, despite Oakman desperately pleading for his innocence.

On February 28th, 2019 a jury unanimously cleared Oakman of all charges, yielding an extremely emotional video of Oakman in tears embracing family members and saying how everyone irreparably slandered his name.

Check out the audio below as Clay rips apart the mainstream media who covered this case, who used Oakman’s name for cheap headlines and political gain for multiple years and then didn’t even bat an eye to cover the news of the courts ruling in his favor and clearing him years later after he had his undeservedly career ruined.

The Mainstream Media Owes Shawn Oakman an Apology