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Damning Kyler Murray Reports May Be True But Who Cares?

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why a disparaging recent report from NFL insider Charley Casserly about Kyler Murray shouldn’t cost Murray a shot to be drafted in the Top 5.

Casserly said he was told Murray’s interviews at the Combine were a complete disaster, and coupled with his performance at the ‘whiteboard’, made up one of the most self-destructive combines he’s ever seen.

Colin actually says the reports are probably true, from the knowledge he received from two NFL scouts but says not every star has to be a pre-snap genius on the whiteboard.

Check out the audio below as Colin says teams shouldn’t be scared off by Murray’s combine if they truly believe he’s the instinctive playmaker they covet.

Damning Kyler Murray Reports are Probably True But Who Cares?