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Don't Fall For the 'Kid From Akron' LeBron Underdog Story

Listen to Clay Travis tamp down LeBron’s historic moment Wednesday night when he passed Michael Jordan for fourth place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list.

Not only does Clay think Michael is the more superior player, but he’s gotten irritated with this ‘Just a kid from Akron’ narrative that LeBron has marketed his entire career on, seemingly transforming himself from nothing into the best basketball player of his generation.

Clay wonders how an individual who might literally have the most God-given physical gifts of any human in the history of America can routinely play the underdog card when they won the genetics lottery.

Check out the audio below as Clay says last night was embarrassing for LeBron, and says it’s laughable that we give LBJ all this credit for the ‘work’ he’s put in, when phenom athletes of his ilk already have a gigantic head start on everyone in their field.

Don't Fall For the 'Kid From Akron' LeBron Underdog Story