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Lakers TRADING LeBron James isn't a Crazy Idea

Listen to Colin Cowherd comment on a recent soundbite made by Jeff Van Gundy on an NBA on ABC broadcast where Van Gundy said he believed the Lakers should absolutely explore the idea of trading LeBron James after one of the most embarrassing seasons in franchise history.

Van Gundy took a lot of heat, of course, at the outwardly irrational suggestion to dump the game’s best player after one season, but Cowherd thinks the recent news of Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram missing the rest of the season kills any chance the team had at trading for Anthony Davis this offseason.

Cowherd believes trading LeBron isn’t crazy at all, and says crazy occurrences happen in sports all the time that you would never would have believed in a million years before the fact.

Check out the full audio below as Colin says the Lakers need to consider EVERYTHING, including trading their number one asset.

Lakers TRADING LeBron James isn't a Crazy Idea