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Lori Loughlin Posts $1 Million Bail in Admissions Scandal

Listen to Clay Travis comment on the college admissions scandal that is sweeping across the nation as possibly a tip of the iceberg type moment in a case that could be a landmark shot in the arm for some of the country’s most elite universities.

Wealthy parents from around the United States are alleged to have given lucrative dollar amounts to athletic programs to have their non-athlete children illegitimately enrolled into elite universities as recruits.

Clay thinks it’s bizarre that this scandal grew as large as it did, questioning how no one was noticing dozens and dozens of collegiate ‘recruits’ suddenly losing the urge to play sports once they were accepted in the school.

Check out the audio below as Clay can’t help but notice Lori Loughlin, aka AUNT BECKY from Full House as the notable name in the case, and thinks a little excessive that she was forced to cough up $1 million in bail as a flight risk, which is the same R Kelly posted for sexual assault charges.

Lori Loughlin Posts $1 Million Bail in Admissions Scandal