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Hope Gets a Boost For Cleveland Browns Fans in Signing OBJ

The Cleveland Browns hit rock bottom in so many ways for so long, it felt like a black hole. Bad quarterbacks, bad coaching, bad ownership, bad management and much more. They make some moves in the offseason by drafting Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb and also acquire Jarvis Landry from the Miami Dolphins. They then Dealt with this weird moment in the last season where Tyrod Taylor got to start for a chunk of the season until he got hurt. Weird in the sense that when you have the number 1 pick, they usually start sooner than later. Two coaches get fired, Baker Mayfield starts, and Browns find out quickly that they made the right move at selecting Mayfield and the wrong move in not starting him sooner. They win way more games than they've won in previous seasons and enter the offseason taking no prisoners. They sign Kareem Hunt AND Odell Beckham Jr.

Rich Eisen reacts to Browns signing OBJ and what that means for the team going forward.