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Ryan Tannehill To Tennessee Titans Puts Marcus Mariota on Notice

It's one thing to go after a backup quarterback for your team and solidify someone who can relieve your team's starting quarterback in case of injury or even unique play situations. Maybe it's just a strategic way to utilize a player's experience or groom someone to take over. Regardless, It's very interesting that the Tennessee Titans acquired Ryan Tannehill from the Miami Dolphins. He may not have done much for the Dolphins but, he's still a starting quarterback and when your team takes on any quarterback that started elsewhere, as the current quarterback, you have to wonder if your team is still 100% behind you.

Ben Maller thinks that the Miami Dolphins acquisition of Ryan Tannehill was a move made to put Marcus Mariota on notice. Maller thinks his performance hasn't been up to par and the issues with health are a concern as well.

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Ryan Tannehill To Tennessee Puts Marcus Mariota on Notice