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Not Much Value in Betting on Duke to Win NCAA Tournament

Listen to Clay Travis explain why the betting public should not be going out of their way to bet on the massively favorited Duke Blue Devils to win the NCAA Tournament, as the bracket’s number one overall seed is the biggest favorite to win since 2014-2015 Kentucky when they entered the tournament undefeated.

Clay thinks there are a lot better bets on the board and doesn’t even think Duke carries much value as a super favorite considering they BARELY escaped the grasps of the no. 3 ranked North Carolina Tar Heels in the ACC Tournament semifinals, and didn’t even have to play no. 2 ranked Virginia in the championship game.

Check out the audio below as Clay believes Duke’s stock wouldn’t have risen to metaphoric levels if Duke would have lost their coin-flip finish against Carolina where Zion Williamson used a sequence of all-world plays to topple the Heels.

Betting on Duke is Not the SMART Bet