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The NCAA Turned Zion Williamson into a Legendary Brand

Listen to Clay Travis explain why Zion Williamson is one of the rare examples of how an 18-year-old athlete who was ‘forced’ to play college basketball under the current age NBA restrictions actually ended up being the biggest winner here.

Many opponents of the NCAA argue that prized players are being held captives as amateur athletes who could otherwise be making millions of dollars in the pros if the unusual rules weren't severely slanted against them…

Clay, however, argues that this isn’t the case for the phenom freshman, who actually used his incredible platform at college basketball’s most glamorous program to establish himself as arguably the most popular collegiate player of all time.

Check out the audio below as Clay believes Zion will earn tens and maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars more over the course of his career simply because he played in college instead of going straight to the NBA like he would have if not for the current format.

The NCAA Turned Zion Williamson into a Legendary Brand