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Auburn Coach Bruce Pearl Defends Tom Izzo

Auburn head coach Bruce Pearl joined The Doug Gottlieb Show to talk about the team's win over New Mexico State. Before they went in-depth on the victory, Bruce Pearl wanted to share his thoughts on the shouting match between Michigan State head coach, Tom Izzo and Aaron Henry.

Pearl said the following:

"I’ve yelled at kids too. And the great coach Pat Dye from Auburn said, ‘You can coach ‘em as hard as you love ‘em.’ And I believe in that. And kids still want discipline, they still want to be coached. And for all you parents out there, you can yell at your kids because you love them. And they’re gonna listen to you. Because they respect you, and they know you care about them. Just relax everybody.

Doug also shares a tale of coaching and disciplining his own son."

Listen Below:

Bruce Pearl Defends Tom Izzo