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Zion Williamson Looking to Shatter Reputation of Duke Pros

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why college basketball’s most elite program has actually been quite underwhelming on the next level, as Kyrie Irving currently stands as the school’s only All-Star caliber player in the NBA.

Cowherd discusses why this might be the case. You spend your college career with the best coach of all time, the best staff, the best teammates, the best home court advantage, and the best support system of any amateur basketball player and then you get drafted into the lottery on a trainwreck franchise that makes your previous life look like a utopian bubble. Some guys just can't handle that culture shock.

Check out the audio below as Colin wonders if the same thing will happened to phenom freshman Zion Williamson.

Can Zion Williamson Break the Glass of Underwhelming Duke Pros?