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Chris Broussard Calls Kawhi Leonard 'Fragile', Needs to Cash in ASAP

Listen to Chris Broussard explain why he thinks Kawhi Leonard needs to focus on making the most money he possible can this offseason because of the possible threat of his body breaking down.

Leonard will turn 28 later this month and has appeared in over 66 games in a season just twice over eight professional seasons.

Chris tells Colin Cowherd that he thinks Kawhi is a ‘fragile’ and ‘frail’ player. Despite Toronto’s 22-game ‘Load Management’ this season, Leonard has seemingly run out of gas in these NBA playoffs. Chris says it may sway Kawhi to stay in Toronto and avoid missing out on $40 extra million being left on the table from the league’s supermax rules regarding free agents signing with new teams.

Check out the audio below as Chris thinks Kawhi better CASH IN since this could be his last big deal.

Chris Broussard Says Kawhi Leonard's Body is 'Fragile' Needs to Cash in Now