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JaVale McGee Talks LaVar Ball, Charles Barkley, & LeBron James on The Herd

Lakers center Javale McGee joined Colin Cowherd to talk:

*His misunderstood perception.

*How social media was taboo when he first began his career, but is strongly recommended now.

*The revolutionary Warriors locker room culture.

*How Charles Barkley’s comments on Kevin Durant not making it in New York City are out-of-date.

*Is Steph Curry the nicest athlete in the NBA?

*The Lakers’ potential if the rampant injuries hadn’t of occurred.

*The psychology of a player being traded or involved in trade rumors.

*The difference between playing with stars like LeBron, KD, Dirk, and Gilbert Arenas.

*His respect for LaVar Ball.

*His upcoming celebrity softball game.

Check out the full interview below: