Ric Bucher: Warriors Allowing Kevin Durant to Play Raises Major Red Flags

Ric Bucher: Warriors Allowing Kevin Durant to Play Raises Major Red Flags

In the audio above, Jason Smith, Mike Harmon & Ric Bucher react to the Golden State Warriors' Game 5 victory from bringing back Kevin Durant to losing Kevin Durant again to Toronto giving the game away. Also, they talk in depth about Durant's achilles diagnosis.

Ric Bucher on Bob Myers having a press conference:

This presser by Bob Myers is a smart move. I don't know if it's getting out in front of why Kevin Durant was playing tonight considering the severity of the injury, but there are some real issues here.

Ric Bucher on Kevin Durant receiving advice on his return:

There were people advising Kevin Durant "Dude it's not worth the risk - don't play!" and he listened to somebody and played.

Ric Bucher on ramifications of allowing Durant to play:

There's going to be some real recriminations for the Warriors as to how they allowed Kevin Durant to return for this game.
The fact his leg went so quickly in this game, it raises so many red flags for me as to how the Warriors allowed Kevin Durant on the court for this game.

Bucher also talks about the potential trust issues Durant may have with the team going forward:

I wonder if Kevin Durant is going to have trust issues with the Warriors now - did the medical staff tell him he was good to go and he played? I don't know, but there's a lot out there that needs to be answered.

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