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UTEP QB Kai Locksley Arrested After Allegedly Making Terroristic Threats

UTEP QB Kai Locksley Arrested After Allegedly Making Terroristic Threats

A University of Texas El Paso football player has been suspended from the school's football team after he was arrested for a number of offenses, including gun charges, possession of marijuana and making terroristic threats.

Quarterback Kai Locksley was arrested on Saturday after he was pulled over for allegedly driving under the influence, possession of marijuana (less than 2 ounces), unlawful carrying of a weapon and making terroristic threats, according to jail records.

Locksley, who is the son of Maryland Coach Michael Locksley, was released on total of $2,900 bond for the four charges.

The quarterback, who was the starter in eight games last season for the UTEP Miners, was immediately suspended by the team according to a statement from coach Dana Dimel.

"We are aware of the charges against Kai Locksley," said Dimel. "While the severity of these charges is concerning, it would not be appropriate to determine a course of action until we have all the facts. In the meantime, he has been suspended from the UTEP football team."

It's still unclear what prompted the charge of terroristic threats.

Locksley, a 6'4", 215-pound quarterback for the Miners, was expected to be a top prospect for UTEP in 2019. The senior played in nine games last season,playing as the starter in eight of those. He threw for 937 yards, with a 49.1 completion. Locksley was also ranked second on the team in rushing for 340 yards.

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