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Authorities Believe a Drug Lord Hired a Hitman to Murder David Ortiz

A new report suggests that the man who shot former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic may have been a hit man hired by a local drug lord.According to the Daily Mail, three law enforcement sources say that the drug lord believed that Ortiz was having an affair with his wife and hired two men to kill him.

While Ortiz's representative, Leo Lopez, denied the claims that Ortiz was having an affair, he did say that the shooting appeared to be the work of "hired killers."

Although initial reports suggested that Ortiz was shot during a robbery, police no longer believe that to be the case. Ortiz was sitting at an outdoor table at a bar in his hometown of Santo Domingo when two men drove up on a motorcycle. One of the men got off, walked up behind Ortiz, and shot him in the back.

The two men fled but did not get far. A crowd of people managed to pull the driver off the motorcycle and beat him before police arrived.

Authorities have both men in custody but have only identified the driver. He is Eddy Feliz Garcia and he was previously arrest for drug possession in 2017.

Ortiz was rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. Once doctors had stabilized him he was flown to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where he underwent a second surgery. He is still in the intensive care unit, and doctors say he is in stable condition.

Photo: Getty Images