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Orthopedic Surgeon Says Kevin Durant's Game 5 Achilles Injury Can End Up Being a Positive

“I think it’s more that there was some chronic inflammation with that tendon to begin with. And honestly since it tore, it might even be a good thing. It might have been something that lingered throughout the offseason and then tore next year. Now that it’s done he’ll get fixed and he’ll be back and ready to go.” -- Dr. Mark Adickes

Listen to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Adickes join The Dan Patrick Show to discuss Kevin Durant’s season ending Achilles injury that could potentially cost Durant a full season NEXT year.

Check out the interview above as Dr. Adickes believes the injury may have been the final conclusion of his previous injury on May 9th that he suffered against the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference semifinals, and believes the original wound was going to eventually tear either way, whether it came in these Finals, in the offseason, or at some point next year.