Former Player Says He'd Rather Have Ja Morant Than Zion Williamson

Rashad Phillips: “Zion Is not my number one prospect. Ja Morant from Murray State is my no. 1. He’s dynamic and fantastic. Let’s talk NFL terms: point guards are like superstar quarterbacks, the Trae Youngs the Ja Morants, those guys are like Patrick Mahomes. The bigs like Zion Williamson and DeAndre Ayton are like the defensive ends. Do you want the guy who can throw 50 touchdown passes or the guy who can get you 15 sacks??”

Listen to former college and overseas basketball player Rashad Phillips, who hosts his own college basketball/NBA prospect show called ‘Sports Talk 2319’, discuss with Colin Cowherd why he thinks Murray State’s Ja Morant is the top prospect on his board in the upcoming NBA Draft on June 20th and not Duke’s Zion Williamson.

Check out the full segment above.

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