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Soccer Community Outraged Over US Women's Team Celebrating During Blowout

Many Outraged Over Team USA's Celebrations During Blowout
“The Dream Team beat Angola by 70… Where was the sympathy for them?? The women from Thailand are tough and can handle this…
Ladies, dance all night. That wasn’t just about the goals, 13-0 was about the time you have put in over the last 10 years that enables you dominate people. I’m not going to blame kids in their 20’s for getting a little gassed up for having the greatest day ever goals wise in the history of the US Women’s National Team.” -- Colin Cowherd

Listen to Colin Cowherd try and tamp down the outrage that has been bred from the United States’ 13-0 victory over Thailand in the United States Women's World Cup opener.

It wasn’t the fact the heavily favored USWNT dominated Thailand by an unprecedented score that bothered people, it was the fact that the US was still partaking in animated and flamboyant celebrations during the blowout that got people’s attention.

One Canadian sports network covering the World Cup even had entire panel that went so far to call the behavior by the USA women 'disgraceful' and said it was embarrassing to see such a powerful team celebrate like that in the faces of an inferior opponent who clearly didn't have the physical abilities to stop them.

Check out the audio above as Colin explains why people need to LET IT GO.