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Anthony Davis Trade Could Turn Lakers Into the Carmelo Anthony Knicks Teams

Lakers Will End Up Like the Carmelo Anthony Knicks If They Trade Kyle Kuzma

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Los Angeles Lakers are potentially playing with fire if they’re going to realistically negotiate with a New Orleans Pelicans franchise who wants to unload an unhappy Anthony Davis.

Colin believes it’s foolish for the Lakers to give up the farm for one player and compares the rumored trade offers that would include Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and the no. 4 pick in the NBA Draft, to the 2011 Nuggets/Knicks trade that netted New York superstar Carmelo Anthony, but in the process, ridded themselves of a number of solid players that were desperately needed to complete their TEAM.

Check out the audio above as Colin tries to warn the Lakers.