Were the 2019 Toronto Raptors the Luckiest NBA Champions of All Time?

Colin Cowherd: “These things had to happen for the Toronto Raptors to win the championship.
1. LeBron James had to leave the East.
2. Kyrie Irving had to implode the Celtics.
3. Leading 2-1, Philly’s Joel Embiid got hurt and then sick.
4. They needed four amazing bounces to beat Philly in Game 7.
5. The Warriors had to fall apart physically."

Listen to Colin Cowherd discusses the injury-riddled 2019 NBA Finals that saw the Toronto Raptors knock off the Golden State Warriors in 6 games.

Colin thinks It’s going to forever be enshrined in NBA folklore as the ‘INJURY FINALS’ where the team who won was simply the group that suffered the lesser amount of catastrophic injuries.

Check out the audio above as Colin is hesitant on giving the Raptors the credit the vast majority of Champions deserve.


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