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Chicago Cubs Reportedly Attempting to Add a Sportsbook Inside Wrigley Field

Baseball fans at Wrigley Field might be able to place bets right at the ballpark if Chicago Cubs officials get their way. According to a report by ESPN, the team has been having internal discussions about adding a full-blown sports book, or just a few betting kiosks inside the stadium.

"Pen hasn't hit paper yet,"a source familiar with the team's thinking told ESPN.

The report comes after the Illinois legislature passed a bill legalizing sports betting in the state. The new law will allow teams to apply for a license which would let them offer betting both inside the stadium and within a five-block radius. The license will cost $10 million.

If the Cubs want to pursue their plan, they will need to convince Major League Baseball to change their rules, which currently bar teams from allowing gambling within the ballpark. The league supported the legislation, but it is unclear if they plan to alter their rules on betting.

"We will work with our clubs to explore the opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving sports betting landscape in a socially responsible manner," an MLB spokesperson told ESPN.

Photo: Getty Images