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Top Ten Greatest Players LeBron James Has Ever Played With

Top Ten Greatest Players LeBron James Has Ever Played With

The Ten Best Players LeBron Has Ever Played With according to Colin Cowherd:

(Rankings reflect direct or future contributions to Lebron James-led teams.)

10. Kyle Kuzma: “17 and 6 guy who is an efficient scorer from the floor. Kuzma is underrated.”

9. JR Smith: “Such a lethal three-point shooter and helped LeBron win that title in 2016.”

8. Ray Allen: “Ray Allen is one of the smartest players in the league and had championship pedigree.”

7. Zydrunas Ilgauskas: “Everyone forgets how good Ziggy was. He played the most games of anyone with LeBron. A 13 and 7 energy guy who was LBJ’s best teammate in that first run in Cleveland.”

6. Rich Paul: “Founded Klutch Sports and energenered the Anthony Davis trade that rebooted LeBron’s seemingly paused career.”

5. Kevin Love: “Never forget his 14 rebounds in the Game 7 versus the Warriors. Averaged 17 and 10 with LeBron and is for sure a Hall of Famer.”

4. Kyrie Irving: “He’s a flake but he had that clutch three-pointer in Game 7 in 2016. LeBron has absolutely elevated LeBron’s career.”

3. Chris Bosh: “11-time All-Star and won two titles with LeBron. He was gonna be in the playoffs every year with or without LeBron.”

2. Anthony Davis: “Is the ‘everything’ big and is going to average 25 and 12. Can shoot from the outside, hit free throws, and can defend the pick-and-roll.”

1. Dwyane Wade: “Two titles with LeBron and allowed the Heat to be LeBron’s team. Kyrie couldn’t do that and that’s the difference between Wade and Kyrie. The mental toughness made him a Top 20 All-time player.”

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