Chris Broussard Says Kawhi Leonard is the Best Player in the World

Chris Broussard: “Kawhi Leonard is an ALL-TIME GREAT. He has earned the right for us to give him the mythical title of ‘Best Player in the World.’ I can’t recall another player going to a team and in his first year with that team leading them to a championship without the help of other superstars.”

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss Kawhi Leonard’s evolving legacy as the now-two-time NBA Finals MVP is beginning to establish one of the best career resumes of any player this generation.

Check out the audio above as Chris explains why he thinks Kawhi fully deserves to go into next season with the title of the World’s Best Player, as the crown once held by LeBron James for a decade that eventually was passed on to Kevin Durant, now comfortably resides with the BOARD MAN.

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