Doug Gottlieb Counts Down the Five Greatest Chips in Snack Food History

Top Five Greatest Chips in Snack Food History according to Doug Gottlieb:

5. Pita Chips: “I feel like this is a new invention. Whoever came up with the pita chip, well done! You took the pita, which we all liked and you took the chip that we all liked, and combined it. IT'S DELICIOUS. You can dip it in hummus or eat it on its own."

4. Salt & Vinegar (any brand): “Salt and vinegar is to chips as sour is to candy, it fries your tongue and fries your teeth but it’s worth it!”

3. BBQ Lays: “I dare you to try and have one. You’ll decide you want to be a fat person and eat a whole bag.”

2. Takis: “I wasn’t aware of Takis until about a year ago. The flaming hot Takis are amazing and even Doritos is trying to copy them. They might give you an ulcer, it burns your tongue, and is probably horrible for you, but they’re awesome!”

1. Cool Ranch Doritos: “I thought about putting the old school nacho flavor at no. 1 but I’m going with Cool Ranch.”

Honorable Mention: Wavy Lays, Crispy Rounds Tostitos, Fritos Scoops, Lime Tostitos, Pringles, Ruffles Ridges.

Check out the audio above to hear the full mouth-watering segment!

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