Clay Travis Says LeBron Should Use Space Jam 2 Budget to Fund Anthony Davis

Clay Travis: “Y’all think I’m crazy, but the Lakers should ride Space Jam 2 to a championship. Why can’t LeBron go to AD and say ‘If you don’t count that four million under the Lakers salary cap, I’ll give you four million+ to be one of my co-stars in Space Jam 2 and this will allow us to able to go out and get a third superstar. We’re going to circumvent the NBA's salary cap by using my production resources.'”

Listen to Clay Travis devise a plan for the Los Angeles Lakers to better afford Anthony Davis as the six-time All-Star was included in the blockbuster trade that finally ridded New Orleans of the resentful former Pelicans superstar.

Davis is set up to earn a $4 million bonus because of the trade kicker in his contract, which will count against the Lakers cap if he chooses to fulfill it.

Check out the audio above as Clay says LeBron and Nike should simply find a way to pay Anthony Davis the four million dollars for his role in the upcoming Space Jam 2 movie, and tell him to turn down the trade bonus. The Lakers have $28 million in cap at the moment, but it would get knocked down to $24 million if AD accepts the bonus, which would obviously greatly affect their buying power in free agency for a third star.

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