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Fox Sports Radio Host Ben Maller Beefs With William Shatner

Fox Sports Radio Host Ben Maller Beefs With William Shatner

Ben Maller: “Did you ever think that four years later we would still be having this battle?? I am flattered, this is amazing to me! To think for four years I have been in the head of William Shatner, I am blown away. He once tried to get me fired from ESPN when I never even worked there!”

Listen to Fox Sports Radio host Ben Maller chronicle his bizarre beef with former Star Trek actor, turned social media icon William Shatner that started over four years ago on when Shatner didn’t like a question Maller asked him on Twitter about the ongoing Stanley Cup Finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and Tampa Bay Lightning. Shatner, a Montreal native, was deeply offended that Ben was being 'stereotypical' by asking a guy from Canada a question about hockey.

The quarrel has long been a social media pillow fight with Shatner boasting about how he’s blocked Maller and often entertained twitter exchanges with the FSR host’s loyal ‘Maller Militia’, raving about how he’ll take $1000 tributes for Shatner to unblock Maller on Twitter.

The rivalry was once again renewed this week when a Maller Militia loyalist called Shatner out for trying to extort people on Twitter (lol) in the ongoing quest to get Maller unblocked by Captain Kirk.

Check out the full audio above as this is clearly one of the most important news stories of 2019.