Vince Goodwill Stands By His Scathing Report of the Houston Rockets Turmoil

Vincent Goodwill: “You guys have seen it in terms of basketball chemistry that Chris and James have not mixed or meshed all season and both sides have been frustrated with one another… I don’t know when exactly he had the meeting with Daryl Morey the GM but he expressed that he wanted to be separated from James Harden and Harden basically said ‘it’s either him or me’. Rob and Chris, you guys both know from your days of breaking news that parties are going to deny things publicly. I would expect denials, but I stand by my report.”

Listen to Yahoo Senior NBA writer Vincent Goodwill join The Odd Couple to talk about the pushback he’s received after his recent scathing report detailed the inner turmoil within the Houston Rockets organization concerning superstar guards James Harden and Chris Paul.

Goodwill reported that the future Hall of Fame point guard is demanding a trade out of Houston and that his backcourt counterpart and NBA leading scorer is sharing the same sentiment as Goodwill alleges a deep grudge between CP3and Harden.

Check out the audio above as Goodwill stands by his report in the face of stern denials from everyone involved in the Rockets organization.


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