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Chris Broussard: MLB Should Be Embarrassed By Manny Machado's Blowup on Ump

Chris Broussard: Baseball Should Be Embarrassed By Manny Machado's Outburst

Chris Broussard: “The umpires are RIGHT. What Manny Machado did was completely and utterly out of line. He should have been suspended for at least 3 games if not five. In what sport can you get in the face of an umpire for 30 seconds and drop F-Bomb after F-Bomb?? BASEBALL PLAYERS ARE A BUNCH OF SPOILED BRATS. That was embarrassing for Manny Machado, embarrassing for the sport of baseball, and it's embarrassing all these people are defending it.”

Listen to Chris Broussard go on an animated rant on the actions of San Diego Padres third baseman Manny Machado, after the four-time All-Star made news this week for viciously arguing a called strike three.

Machado was wrung up by veteran umpire Bill Welke in the fifth inning of a game versus the Colorado Rockies, and went on to slam his helmet, get in Welke’s face pointing and screaming expletives, and then throw his bat against the backstop.

Check out the audio above as Chris says Machado’s actions were embarrassing, and says in no other sport are the players allowed to abuse the umpires the way they do in baseball.

Machado was suspended one game for the altercation.