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Nick Nurse: Raptors Esteemed Medical Staff Could Get Kawhi Leonard to Stay

Dan Patrick: “Do you think Kawhi is coming back?”

Nick Nurse: "Early on in the year I had some sit-downs with him and the only thing he ever talked about was that he wanted to be healthy & play a long time, and that all he wanted to do was win. The level of care we gave him with our medical team led by Alex McKechnie -- who is widely respected around the world for how good he is -- I think that’s important to Kawhi and may impact the decision."

Listen to Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse join The Dan Patrick Show to talk about Kawhi Leonard’s uniquely handled ‘Load Management’ with the team, and how his intimate relationship with the Raptors’ medical team could be an important kicker in how Kawhi handles his free agency next month.

Check out the interview above as Nurse says Toronto’s esteemed training staff gives them a chance to re-sign the Finals MVP, especially considering his messy breakup with the San Antonio Spurs shined a complete detachment between Kawhi and the training staff.