Rob Parker Says Robot Umpires Would Be Awful For Baseball

Rob Parker: “Chris Broussard, I can’t believe you have the nerve to talk about robot umpires! You want a robot minister too?? They’re gonna tell you the word, not have any wrong inflections, and say it exactly how the Bible is going to say it. Everybody don’t preach the same way, you know that, just like umpires! WE’RE HUMAN BEINGS, ENOUGH WITH THE ROBOTS. Why don’t you get a robot girlfriend??”

Listen to Rob Parker rant about why Major League Baseball should abandon their long rumored interest in robotic umpires when it comes to calling balls and strikes.

After Manny Machado’s ejection over the weekend versus the Colorado Rockies arguing a called strike three, the proposal once again came to forefront of the sport as many around the league are focusing on correcting one of the most biased facets in athletics.

Check out the audio above as Rob thinks these suggestions are starting to get ridiculous, and says baseball should spare the arrival of Johnny Five behind the plate.


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