Ric Bucher Says Zion Williamson is More Like David West than LeBron James

Ric Bucher: “People are already putting Zion Williamson into the LeBron James camp. Zion could be great but he’s NOT going to be LeBron, I can GUARANTEE you that. I think he could be a great no. 2 to a playmaker. He’s an athletic David West.”

Listen to NBA insider and Draft analyst Ric Bucher join Doug Gottlieb (filling in for Colin Cowherd) on The Herd to try and tamp down the immaculate comparisons New Orleans Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson is already starting to garner just hours after he was announced as the number one overall pick.

A lot of honorable comparisons are already starting to role in, whether it’s Charles Barkley or Larry Johnson, but the one that is drawing the ire of Bucher is that of LeBron James. Both players were former number one picks, equipped with prodigious physical attributes, with a cult-like following, and drafted to small market franchises who were ready to dedicate their lives to him.

Check out the audio above as Bucher guarantees that no matter how good Zion is in the NBA, he’s NEVER going to amount to what LeBron was, and says Zion is more of a no. 2 who can possibly be the next David West.

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