Zion Williamson's Potential Weight Gain Could Doom His NBA Career

Zion Williamson's Potential Weight Gain Could Doom His NBA Career

Jason Smith: "The only question for Zion Williamson is that he's 18 years old and already weighs 285 pounds. That’s heavier than almost every single player in the NBA. He’s a teenager and he’s just going to get bigger.”

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he’s worried about the professional future of former Duke phenom and now celebrated Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson, as the larger than life prodigy could live up to his billing in the most literal teams.

Jason is concerned with the fact Zion will walk into the league as one of the heaviest players in the NBA and has doubts to whether he can stay in shape going up against his biology.

Hall of Famers the likes of Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal were two of the greatest players in NBA history, but their respective careers were often put into doubt by their weight, with Shaq having to even deal with teams putting clauses in his contract that he had to stay under a certain number.

Check out the audio above as Jason wonders if Zion’s body is going to blow up. As a player who bases his game entirely on athleticism, weight gain could trigger a rapid fall from grace if he fails to stay in shape.

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