Chris Broussard Doesn't Think Kawhi Leonard Will Re-Sign With Raptors

Chris Broussard: “I think this will be a lifestyle decision for Kawhi Leonard and that’s what I’ve been hearing all the way back to San Antonio. I’ve been told nothing has changed and I think he’s going to say ‘I want to live in Southern California’ and that ends up sending him to the Clippers. If he’s so close with Toronto then why is he visiting with 4-5 other teams? It’s tough for guys who grew up in America to stay in Toronto. The types of guys they get to stay there are international players or American guys who haven’t been able to cut it elsewhere. Stars like Vince Carter, Tracy Mcgrady, and Chris Bosh have not wanted to stay there, because as great of a city as it is, it isn’t like being in America.”

Listen to Chris Broussard explain to Colin Cowherd why he thinks superstar free agent Kawhi Leonard will ultimately leave the Toronto Raptors to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Despite vague recent reports that Kawhi is ‘strongly considering’ staying in Toronto, Broussard wonders why Kawhi has been visiting with so many teams of late if he’s really as infatuated with the Raptors as unsubstituted rumors have suggested.

Check out the audio above as Chris explains why it will always be an uphill battle for the Raptors to ever talk American superstar players into playing in basketball in Canada.

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