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Doug Gottlieb Says the NBA Banning the Term 'Owner' is Ridiculous

Adam Silver has always been a pro-player commissioner, but has he become too concerned with making them happy?

Doug Gottlieb: “I’m not okay with someone who saves up their entire life to buy a sports franchise and then you trying to take the extra step to relate it to something 200 years in the past because of the color of your skin. It’s such a ridiculous reach. Adam Silver is brilliant but he’s so far up the player’s rectum that he doesn’t know if it’s day or night. He just wants the players to like him because he thinks it’s better for his business and I feel like this does more damage than good. I understand you’re trying to make everyone comfortable, but what you end up doing is becoming so ridiculous that you create more enemies than friends."

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why Adam Silver and the NBA made a ridiculous decision in their recent announcement that declared the term ‘owner’ will officially be replaced with ‘governor’ in all league language going forward concerning ownership of an NBA franchise.

Some players had voiced their displeasure with the term because of its historical ties to slavery. Players alleged it wasn’t appropriate for the term ‘owner’ to be used in a sport where a vast majority of white owners run teams with a vast majority of black players.

Gottlieb says there is no more official term than the word ‘owner’ in the world of finance and business, and to still make the connection to the 19th century is simply irrational.

Check out the full audio below as Gottlieb also says Adam Silver needs to stop focusing on what the players think in their knee jerk reactions on Twitter, and focus firstly on his responsibilities as NBA commissioner and realize the players aren't always right.

Doug Gottlieb: Adam Silver is Trying Way Too Hard to Suck Up to NBA Players