Clay Travis: Draymond Green is a Hypocrite for Using 'Owner' in Twitter Bio

Clay Travis says Draymond Green is a hippacrite for saying the term 'owner'  is offensive when he already anoints himself an owner of a brand in his Twitter profile.

Clay Travis: “This is one of the most ridiculous moves in the history of American language. Draymond Green is apparently so offended by the term 'owner' that he choose to use the ‘O-word’ in his Twitter bio. This is so fake and so stupid. If the word is that offensive then why is he bragging about being an owner?? Can you remember a dumber move by a league? A league shouldn't have to appeal to the hardcore WOKE community. Those Social Justice Warriors aren't sport fans."

Listen to Clay Travis explain why the NBA’s bizarre ongoing saga concerning their official usage of the ‘term’ owner is one of the ridiculous fake controversies he’s ever followed in the history of professional sports.

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green became the headliner of the dispute when he made memorable gripes on LeBron James’ barbershop show that the term ‘owner’ should be outlawed in all official NBA language, and said the term was offensive in a league where a majority of white owners run teams with a majority of black players.

Clay wonders why if Draymond thought the term was THAT offensive then why is he using the term in his official Twitter bio when he boasts about being the owner of a nutrition brand?

Check out the audio below as Clay says the NBA shouldn’t cater to the unintelligent among us who don’t understand basic usage of the English language when it comes to definitions of words in the context of business and finance. If Draymond claims to be the owner of a company, then you’d expect him to understand why another individual would claim to be the owner of their own company that happens to be a professional basketball team.

Clay Travis Calls Out Political Correctness & NBA Banning the Term 'Owner'
Clay Travis Calls Out Political Correctness & NBA Banning the Term 'Owner'
Clay Travis blasted the NBA and Adam Silver for their decision to officially outlaw the term 'owner' because of its ties to slavery.

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