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'Ka-Why-Not': Lakers Billboards in Los Angeles Going Up For Kawhi Leonard

Will Kawhi Leonard take his talents to the Lakers?
Stephen A. Smith: “I have received the word that Kawhi Leonard is seriously considering the Los Angeles Lakers... The Clippers are very, very nervous right now. And obviously in the case of the Toronto Raptors he says he will grant them a meeting, but why should you require a meeting?? You just won a championship with them and you played with them the last year. He will listen to their pitch or whatever, but I don’t see how they would even need to have a pitch."

With Stephen A. Smith's recent report adding a new layer to one of the most important free agent periods in sports history, the recruiting trail for the game’s best player Kawhi Leonard is really beginning to heat up on multiple fronts.

After pro-Los Angeles Clippers billboards started to surface in Los Angeles last week, the tables have begun to turn with the developing news as Lakers fans are now putting in their own pitches for the two-time NBA Finals MVP that just leveled the Golden State Warriors dynasty.

‘Ka-Why-Not’ is now the battle cry for a Lakers fan base that just experienced one of the humiliating seasons in franchise history, but one that could soon be supporting the greatest NBA team of all time if the team is able to form a Big Three of LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Kawhi.

Previously a pipedream to acquire The Board Man, the Lakers are positioning themselves to start the league’s next great dynasty.

Kawhi Leonard is Reportedly 'Seriously Considering' Signing With Lakers - Thumbnail Image

Kawhi Leonard is Reportedly 'Seriously Considering' Signing With Lakers