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Kawhi Leonard Cannot Become a 'Global Brand' Unless He Signs With Lakers

Will Kawhi Leonard take his talents to Los Angeles?
Jason McIntyre: “I think I know what Kawhi Leonard wants… It’s a GLOBAL BRAND. I don’t think he’s chasing paper and he already has two titles and two Finals MVPs. AFTER all that what do you do?? You build a global brand! Go look at Steph Curry’s Instagram, he’s in Asia promoting his brand. People in Thailand are watching Steph Curry on Facebook… They don’t even know who Kawhi Leonard is over there. How do you build a global brand? Go to the number one franchise in the NBA.”

Listen to Jason McIntyre explain why he thinks superstar free agent Kawhi Leonard will ultimately choose the Los Angeles Lakers, as we're about ready to buckle up for one of the most significant and unpredictable off-seasons in sports history.

Leonard’s interests have been all over the spectrum, as the media has gone to extreme levels to troll even themselves with updates the likes of him buying boxes at Home Depot, to monitoring the social media activity of his distant cousins.

Jason thinks Kawhi’s situation is a unique one considering he’s already put a stamp on his career as a Hall of Famer with multiple Finals MVPs who can lay claim towards being the best player in the world. To Jason, he doesn't think Kawhi can rise any higher on a basketball court. McIntyre thinks the next mountain megastars like him, Kevin Durant and LeBron James try to summit is taking their BRAND to the same esteemed levels they already took their teams to.

Check out the audio below as McIntyre explains why Kawhi can't ever truly become a GLOBAL brand until he becomes the star for arguably the NBA’s most glamourous franchise, the Lakers.

Kawhi Leonard Cannot Become a 'Global Brand' Unless He Signs With Lakers