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Ric Bucher Says Kawhi Leonard's Sponsors Will Not Influence Where He Signs

Where will Kawhi Leonard be taking his talents next?
Jason McIntyre: “Kawhi Leonard’s next stop is global domination and to do that I think he needs to be on the Lakers more than the Clippers. Do you buy into a faction of Kawhi’s team wanting 'global branding'?”
Ric Bucher: “I don’t know if ‘Global Branding’ is associated with a particular place. LeBron was able to do that in Cleveland and Miami long before he got to the Lakers. He wants to make a lot of money but being a ‘Global Brand’ is not part of his DNA or personality. That’s what I believe KD’s track is more far more than Kawhi. LeBron wanted to be the first billion dollar athlete, not 'I want to be the greatest NBA player ever'. If Kawhi goes to the Lakers, I think he’s negatively affected from a brand standpoint because LeBron sucks all the oxygen out of the room. I don’t know if you can have two brand guys on one team.”

Listen to NBA insider Ric Bucher explain to Jason McIntyre why he doesn’t believe ‘branding’ will come into effect with how superstar free agent Kawhi Leonard chooses his next destination, as one of the most important free agents in sports history has narrowed his list of preferred teams down to the Toronto Raptors, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, and New York Knicks.

There has been much speculation on the influence Kawhi’s official sneaker brand New Balance would factor into his decision, but Bucher doesn’t think Leonard has the same desire that a LeBron James or Kevin Durant has when it comes to having to be on the NBA’s most profitable and recognizable franchises the Knicks and Lakers.

Check out the audio below as Bucher says it would actually dilute Kawhi’s brand by having to share the spotlight with the billion-dollar LeBron leviathan.

Ric Bucher: 'Branding' Will Not Determine What City Kawhi Leonard Plays In