NBA Insider Ric Bucher Shares Stories of Being Lied to By Sources & Players

Ric Bucher tells some stories about being 'catfished' as an NBA insid
Jonas Knox: “When was the time that you got burned the most by a report you went with, where all you did was report something that someone you trusted told you about, and you ended up looking like the waiter bringing out the food that’s not cooked right when everyone should be blaming the chef?”

Listen to famed NBA insider Ric Bucher share some stories about the negative parts of his job on the eve of one of the most important free agency periods in the sport’s history.

Ric has covered the NBA for over 25 years, spending time as a sportswriter for the San Jose Mercury News and Washington Post before first joining ESPN as an on-air reporter.

The NBA has enjoyed a monumental rise on the pulse of the general public during Bucher's career when it comes to social media engagement, cultural influence, and their presence in conversations at water coolers all across the country, and one of the biggest reasons way has been the rise of player mobility in an era where the gossip of WHO is going WHERE and WHEN is even more notable than the actual play on the court.

Listen to Bucher share some stories with Jonas Knox on the times Ric was actually burned by a source or a player who fed him false information and one time where he even got catfished.

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