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Why Jon Gruden and the Raiders Are the NFL's Version of 'Cirque du Soleil'

Raiders Las Vegas Stadium Site Under Construction
Colin Cowherd: “Jon Gruden is Cirque du Soleil with a whistle. He’s coming to town so you better bye your tickets now. He gets an A+ for marketing. We have not talked about the Raiders this much in 25 years. He’s a television star and he should be on Hard Knocks every year. I loved him as a co-worker and think he’s funny as hell and intens. He hits you like a strong drink. Gruden left TV but TV did clearly not leave him. He has brought over this self-promotion to the Raiders, and quite frankly, they NEED a lot of it. Vegas has a hockey team, but it’s a city with not a lot of Fortune 500 companies and they gotta sell 30 suites and 40,000 tickets.” (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss HBO’s new season of Hard Knocks following the Oakland Raiders, and most notably, following human soundbite Jon Gruden.

Colin believes the Raiders franchise needed a shot of adrenaline in regards to their teetering relevance in the league, as Colin thinks Gruden’s vivacious antics as the team’s head coach are giving the team a desperately needed interest factor that will be vital in the team hitting the ground running in their new home of Las Vegas in 2020.

Check out the video below as Colin explains why Gruden and the Raiders have become a Cirque du Soleil show heading to a city near you.