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Ex-Steeler James Harrison Says Mike Tomlin Was Antonio Brown's Enabler

Carolina Panthers v Pittsburgh Steelers
Doug Gottlieb: “Has Antonio Brown always been like this? I wonder how much of the blame we should put on Mike Tomlin for not keeping him in check earlier in his career.”
James Harrison: “I believe that some of the things that Tomlin allowed to slip through the cracks or he justified with his saying of ‘I’ll tolerate you till I can replace you’ are some of the things that allowed AB to have the behaviors or mannerisms that he had, and allowed some of the things that people believe shouldn’t be happening with an NFL player. At some points the discipline is missing as far as 'If you do A, B happens', not 'If you do A, but you're this player, nothing happens.'" (Full audio at bottom of page)

Listen to former Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro linebacker James Harrison discuss former teammate Antonio Brown’s bizarre offseason with the Oakland Raiders, as arguably the game’s best wide receiver is living up to his diva billing with his new team.

Harrison, who was Brown’s teammate from 2010-2017 (Harrison played on Bengals in 2013) alluded to the way Brown was treated by Pittsburgh’s coaching staff, particular by long standing Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. Harrison says Tomlin’s limited disciplinary attributes coupled with his relaxed demeanor with players was a big reason why Brown became an often-inflammatory locker room presence.

Check out the full segment on The Herd below (Doug Gottlieb filling in for Colin Cowherd):

Ex-Steeler James Harrison Says Mike Tomlin Was Antonio Brown's Enabler