Jay Glazer Says Andrew Luck's Sudden Retirement Wasn't Shocking

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts

Colin Cowherd: “Las week I was hearing behind the scenes that Jay Glazer thought something was going on in Indianapolis and something wasn’t right. I heard Jay saying he doesn’t think this thing was a calf injury, so I’m taking it you weren’t totally shocked?”
Jay Glazer: “I wasn’t totally shocked by it. I knew the frustration level was really going a different route. This wasn’t just a ‘he’s injured, something is wrong here, he’s going to be OK’, they were really just baffled… He just wasn’t healing. It was very self-aware from him. When you lose the joy of this game, you can’t play it halfhearted.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer join The Herd to discuss Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement from the NFL.

Jay tells Colin that the abrupt announcement that sent shock waves across the entire sports world wasn’t as astonishing to people who were closely following Luck’s injury situation, as Glazer discusses how Luck’s calf injury had started to become a lot more complicated and calamitous than anyone had ever imagined.

Check out the interview below as Glazer tells Colin Cowherd why there had been a precarious level of frustration growing around Luck’s injury the last couple months.