Former NFL QB Steve Beuerlein Rips Andrew Luck For Timing of His Retirement

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts
Steve Beuerlein: “There is NO scenario where retirement is defensible. To do this to his teammates, organization, fans, and the NFL two weeks before the season is just not right. I love the guy but this will haunt him… Colts invested in him for 5-10 more years. Go on IR, get away for a few weeks and think about it. Get healthy for the second half of season and make a run. Colts are good. If Jacoby Brissett goes 4-4 they have a chance. His team needs him to make this run. I know rehab is tough. I had 19 surgeries as a player... Eight over two years. It sucks, but he owes it to his team. It is just a lower leg injury and it will heal. Just give it a chance. If it doesn't, walk away after this year."
Colin Cowherd: “This took guts because everyone is afraid of the Twitter mob and everyone is so PC in sports now that if you have an opinion that’s contrarian to the Twitter movement then you get crushed. I appreciate anyone who is willing to have an opinion that doesn’t fall right in line with the masses. Even with really bad timing, I can justify Luck’s retirement because of the circumstances surrounding it. Luck inherited a tire fire and took them to far greater heights than they deserved and now is living with some chronic current pain. But if Patrick Mahomes retires the night before the Super Bowl because of stress are we good with that?? Leaders do not bail on their infantry heading into battle. Not all retirements are the same.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss former NFL quarterback Steve Beuerlein blasting the now-former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck for his stunning retirement from the NFL at the age of 29.

Buerlein, who spent 14 seasons in the NFL and admitted he underwent 19 surgeries along the way, says it wasn’t right for Luck to quit football just 10 days before the beginning of the season.

Buerlein says Luck should have just gone on IR and healed himself, and made a second-half run spelling Jacoby Brissett. To Beuerlein, Luck ‘owes’ it to his teammates, the organization, and the fans, as retirements can lead to calamitous consequences for all parties affected if a player abruptly quits the sport.

Check out the audio below as Colin lauds Beuerlein for an original point of view that went against the grain and into the teeth of our PC culture, and says he agrees with most of Beuerlein's argument, but says not all retirements are the saem, and Luck was warranted to do so when he did.

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