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Why NBA Players Partaking in 'Load Management' Should be Docked Pay

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Rob Parker: “If a bought an NBA ticket for my son and the only thing he wanted to see was LeBron James play, and he doesn’t play while he’s not even hurt, I’m really bummed out about it.”
Chris Broussard: “I don’t think you should be sitting out, PERIOD, unless it’s the last few games of the season and you’re resting before the playoffs. What bothers me is that players want to play fewer games, but still want that 82-game money. If you want to cut the season to 70 or 65, then cut it, but prorate the money. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” (Full Audio at Bottom of Page)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss recent comments Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant made about the new era of ‘rest’ in the NBA, and how he was never wired to sit out games when he was healthy and full able to compete.

Both Chris and Rob have concerns over the league allowing its biggest stars to sit out while HEALTHY, with the rising ticket prices leaving fans utterly screwed after paying big bucks to see their favorite players play, only to arrive at the arena and find out they’re being held out due to ‘load management’.

Check out the audio below as Broussard and Parker explain why it’s ridiculous how NBA stars are pleading for the league to shorten the season, while also still keeping their 82-game salaries.

Why NBA Players Partaking in 'Load Management' Should be Docked Pay